Web copy is important, it’s what converts your fans into genuine loyal supporters and your visitors into customers. 

What your website says is just as important as how it looks. Whether your site has three pages or hundreds of pages, it’s crucial to know the purpose of each page and how your content should look in accordance with that.

The monthly package starts with a conversation. We talk either on the phone, or in person. From that conversation, I will come to understand three crucial things:

  1. I will understand you and your business. I will know where you are right now and where you hope to be in the future. This will help us create the roadmap to get you there.
  2. I want to understand who your customers are, but more specifically who your ideal customer is. I get to know them. Without knowing your ideal customer inside out, how will Iw convince them to buy your product or service. I will know what interests them, what problems they need solving and how you can solve them.
  3. From there we find your strongest message and look at the best ways to convey this. Are you trying to sell more products or generate more enquiries? I will also get to know your competitors. Where do you fit in the market currently? I’ll help you overtake them, and stay there.

Although It starts with a conversation, expect regular conversation throughout. I will provide you with ongoing support and together, we create a foundation for success that lasts, with copy that makes an impact.


  • Monthly package you can customise to suit your needs, on a month by month basis
  • I deal with your copy so you can focus on building your business
  • I will create a roadmap with an itemised report of what we will do and when

Do you want to improve your copy? Let’s have a conversation.  Get in touch